Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Goodbye, Hitch

I didn't feel like blogging when I found out Christopher Hitchens was gone.  I was just sad.  It didn't surprise me, but it was an unwelcome cutting-off point.  An end to a discussion that reached no resolution.  Other bloggers managed to produce something, and so I share them here.

Christopher Hitchens -- Reflections by Mark McGee at Faith and Self Defense.

On the Passing of Christopher Hitchens by Tom Gilson at Thinking Christian.

The Passing of One of the “Four Horsemen” by Rob Lundberg at The Real Issue.

Christopher Hitchens Is Dead by Jay Wile at Proslogian.

Responding to Hitchens' Passing by Carson Weitnauer at Reasons for God.

His Life Was the Tragedy by Robert Kunda at Robert Kunda, Thinking in Black and White.

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